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A contemporary reinterpretation, both in terms of concept, as well as materials used for the facades, of the imposing boyar mansions, preserving some of their key elements: the generous and airy spaces with a total surface of more than 300 m2, the fireplace in the dining area, the tall ground floor above the living room, the library or the study on the ground floor, and the guest room with its bathroom upstairs.

The use of stone finishes and wood panels is traditional by inspiration but is reinterpreted and adapted to the contemporary landscape.


Urban Mansion

  • Net area

    213,26 m2

  • Total net area

    (garage, terrace, and attic included)

    328,54 m2

  • Total built-up area

    338,70 m2

  • Garden

    835,02 m2

  • Average price (VAT included)

    1400 Euros per built-up square meter (VAT included)

Sold Available


All houses will be equipped with state-of-the-art smart technologies to provide the best level of comfort and energy efficiency with minimal impact on the environment.

  • photovoltaic panels
  • floor heating system
  • heat recovery ventilation system
  • stratified wood flooring
  • heat pump
  • fully finished terraces with wooden deck
  • cooling system with radiant ceiling panels
facades made of natural cladding materials
fully finished bathrooms, equipped with sanitaryware and customized furniture
stratified wood flooring and interior staircase with wood and glass finishes
integrated landscaping
SMART interface allowing you to control the most important functions directly from your phone

All at an average price of
1400 Euros per built-up square meter (VAT included)

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